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Videogames develop life skills, say gamers

Autodesk survey shows widespread belief in videogames' unintended benefits

Approximately 84 per cent of technology enthusiasts believe that playing videogames has helped them develop skills that aid their everyday lives, according to a survey conducted by Autodesk.

Of those surveyed on Autodesk's community site, the Area, 25 per cent of developers, animators, designers and students feel that the skills earned through game playing have helped their education. 37 per cent said these skills have been useful in their careers and 22 per cent also felt they've helped their social lives.

"I find it exciting that the community on the Area - a very creative workforce - has found playing games beneficial to themselves and in their careers," said Mary-Beth Haggerty, Autodesk's senior games industry manager.

"Games can have a real impact. I remember never looking at a city the same way after playing Sim City growing up. As a professional I've judged the Future City Competition during National Engineers Week - a competition where teenagers create future cities using Sim City 4. It's great to see that young people are being inspired by games and using them in such positive ways."

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