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6E 61 32

Wipeout and Lemmings composer legend releases new album.

His latest work features both on forthcoming PS3 game “Sodium 2”, and on his brand new seventh studio album “6E 61 32”.

Wright says;

“The album is pretty fast paced, more in keeping with the work I do for the Wipeout Franchise, but I’d say it’s edgier with a lot more bite…

“The album was originally going to be a full O.S.T., but in the end only two tracks were needed for the game  [ “Sodium 2” by Outso Ltd. for PSN Home ]. This left me with a few unfinished pieces which I’ve developed in new directions. There are also a couple of ambient tracks, and a bonus piece you only get to hear once you’ve downloaded the album – it’s a bit tongue in cheek, but good fun!

A recurring theme with my albums is to pull in talented poets to supply lyrics, and I’ve done just that on track 6. “Blueprint for Compromise” features snippet from a fantastic short poem written and read by Kimberly Keck.

I’ve also organised some giveaways to celebrate the album launch; Anyone who buys the album before the end of March 2011 will be entered into a prize draw for stuff like an autographed CoLD SToRAGE hoodie, a signed CoLD SToRAGE mug, a CoLD SToRAGE beanie hat and signed eJay titles. ”

6E 61 32 will be available from 20 th February at  

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