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5th Planet closes Nottingham studio

CEO says "now is the time to take the consequences" for underperforming games as it lays off 14 people

5th Planet Games has confirmed the closure of its Nottingham studio, formerly known as Fuzzy Frog. The company told investors last week that the closure is a strategic decision that involved laying off the 14 people remaining at the studio.

"We have unfortunately not been able to get the expected results out of our Nottingham studio," 5th Planet CEO Henrik Nielsen said. "In spite of being responsible for launching several games, the Nottingham studio hasn't been able to meet expected goals and KPI's. Therefore we believe that now is the time to take the consequences."

Projects that were in the works at the Nottingham studio have been moved to 5th Planet's Berlin and Rocklin studios.

Since its founding in 2009, the Nottingham studio has produced a number of mobile titles, including Cristiano Ronaldo's Kick 'n' Run, Hugo Troll Race 2, and the Animal Planet augmented reality app Real Scary Spiders.

The studio's closure comes less than two years after it was acquired by 5th Planet (then called Hugo Games) in the first place.

However, 5th Planet hasn't soured on the idea of acquisitions. To the contrary, days before confirming the Fuzzy Frog closure, it was touting plans to make multiple studio acquisitions after securing $4.85 million in additional financing.

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