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3rd Annual Virtual Goods Summit

Two days of monetization chit-chat begin today.

San Francisco, Calif. - October 29, 2009

The first day of the 3rd Annual Virtual Goods Summit officially kicked off today, commencing with two full days of panel discussions and speaker presentations about virtual goods monetization in social networks, free to play online games, iPhone Apps, and more. Projected to become a $1 billion industry in 2009, virtual goods monetization is quickly becoming the most popular business model to monetize digital media entertainment such as music, television, movies and video games.

"The virtual goods revolution is happening right now so we filled our 2009 programming with useful, tangible information that entrepreneurs can use today," said Charles Hudson, host of the 3rd Annual Virtual Goods Summit. "Don’t wait until everything is said and done, get involved, learn – get in on the ground floor of this burgeoning space."

The 3rd Annual Virtual Goods Summit is host to the industry’s most prolific business leaders shaping this new and dynamic industry. Here are just a few of the esteemed attendees and their presentations:

- Min Kim, Nexon – Lessons from the Leaders

- Tim Chang, Norwest Venture Partners – Opening Remarks, Virtual Goods and Social Networks

- Owen Mahoney, Outspark – MMOs and Virtual Worlds

- Nils-Holger Henning, Bigpoint GmbH – MMOs and Virtual Worlds

- Andrew Trader, Zynga – Virtual Goods and Social Networks

- Neil Young, ngmoco – Virtual Goods and the iPhone

- Renata Dionello, PayPal – Payments Infrastructure for Virtual Goods

- Cary Rosenzweig, IMVU – Managing and Marketing a Virtual Goods Offering

- Melinda Byerley, Linden Lab – The Second Life Economy – By the Numbers

The first day of the event kicks off with the Virtual Goods University a full-day workshop centered on the fundamentals of virtual goods and virtual goods business models. The Virtual Goods University features discussions on launching and managing virtual good economies with representatives from top companies including Live Gamer, Ning, Gaia Online, Turbine, Boku and Shufflebrain. Day two of the Virtual Goods Summit features in-depth presentations from thought leaders and innovators that are pushing the boundaries of this burgeoning space including Playfish, Playdom, Tencent, IGG, XPD Media, and Incomm.

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About the Virtual Goods Summit

The 3rd Annual Virtual Goods Summit is brought to you by 3rd Power LLC, the team behind the Virtual Goods Summit 2008, Virtual Goods Summit 2007, Social Gaming Summit 2009, Social Gaming Summit 2008, and the iGames Summit. 3rd Power LLC strives to develop events that bring Internet and social media professionals together to exchange ideas and make new connections.

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