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3DS is not 'DS with higher specs' says Miyamoto

Mario creator believes word of mouth, pre-installed apps key to success

Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto has discussed the difficulties of marketing the new 3DS console through traditional media, while insisting that the 3D display is not the console's only selling point.

Taking part in another Iwata Asks interview, Miyamoto complain that: "The Nintendo 3DS system is sometimes said to just be a 'Nintendo DS system with higher specs'. But it's really much more than that."

"It's a gaming system with an entirely different charm. That's why, for the customers who purchase it, I want them to fully enjoy the features of this new machine," he insisted.

Although the glasses-free stereoscopic 3D is the system's most important feature it is impossible to illustrate directly in print or video. Nintendo has resisted trying to illustrate the 3D effect alone using 3D glasses.

"The greatest charm of the Nintendo 3DS system, including the 3D images, is very difficult to convey just through the TV or the internet," said Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

"Of course, we have tried very hard to do so, and we did our very best in the demonstrations. But I think it would be most ideal for the people who purchase it to try to tell others what they like about it."

The 3DS comes with a large amount of pre-installed software, including two augmented reality games and a 3D camera - features which Nintendo hopes will sell the console's features through word of mouth.

"It's like the hardware itself is an eloquent orator," said Miyamoto "You're right. It's an eloquent hardware," agreed Iwata.

Miyamoto also hopes that the StreetPass feature, which can automatically send Miis and other data to nearby 3DS owners, will help to illustrate the other features of the console.

"People will understand what we mean once they experience it," he said. "I really want everyone to see for themselves. I'm sure that if they get to use StreetPass in a huge country like America, it'll be even more fun."

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