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3DS accessory bundles

Includes a 22-in-1 pack, which surely takes it from "portable" to "luggage nightmare".

CTA Digital ( releases four accessory kits in time for the Nintendo 3DS launch. Available in black & blue to match the 3DS units, the new packs include choices that range from a five-piece set that covers the basic essentials, to a detailed 22-piece set that provides a complete array of amenities & protection for the most dedicated hand-held gamer.

The 5-in-1 Starter Pack includes a stylish zippered EVA case, extra stylus, screen protector set, a pair of ear-buds and a game case. The rugged shell EVA case is padded inside for a safe, scratch-free ride and has a mesh pouch to hold games and accessories so the system is ready to hit the road in a compact and easy-to-carry kit.

Using the same sleek EVA case, ear-buds and screen protectors, CTA's 12-in-1 Adventure Pac k steps up the game with power and connectivity, including a car charger & USB cable as well as 2 styluses and four game cases. The adventure pack also includes a wrist strap to make the journey drop-free.

Additional accessories for the 3DS traveler are included in the 18-in-1 Premium Pack, including a portable SD card reader, travel plug & Euro power adapters, as well as a tote pouch. This premium kit also upgrades the USB cable to a 2-in-1 cable that can be used on DSi and DS systems as well as the 3DS. The pack is rounded out with the EVA case, screen protector kit, ear-bud spares, two styluses, two retractable metal styluses, and four game cases.

The 22-in-1 Ultimate Pack takes accessory bundles to the limit, upgrading to the larger 2-in-1 travel case, and filling the two-pocket zippered carry-all with goodies: A form-fitting clear crystal case for protection, a tough polycarbonate case, dust covers, a large-capacity game organizing case, neck strap, four styluses, two finger styluses (for finger tip play) and an audio splitter for sharing with a friend. The ultimate pack is rounded off with Euro adapter, travel plug, car power adapter, 2-in-1 USB cable for DSi/DS support, ear-buds, screen protector kit & two individual game cases. These kits can be found on Amazon ( & other retailers.

About CTA Digital:

CTA Digital ( has been building efficient and trusted game accessories for the past 7 years. Each new accessory built by CTA Digital is designed after months of careful deliberation and user testing to make sure that the final products are safe & practical. Follow CTA Digital's product launches online at Facebook (, Youtube (, and Twitter (

For further information, contact Amna Nadim at

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Toll Free: (888) 733-4448

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