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3D Realms selects Meqon as physics provider for Duke Nukem Forever

Norrköping, Sweden - 27th of September, Meqon, an up and comer in the physics middleware industry, announced they have been selected by 3D Realms as the physics engine provider for their long awaited game Duke Nukem Forever.

Meqon has been focusing on creating the most easy to use and flexible physics engine in existence. George Broussard, CEO of 3D Realms backs them up - "We evaluated several physics SDK's and Meqon was really fast, had the cleanest interface and integrated into our game very quickly."

The physics engine does not only handle basic rigid body simulation, but extends into character and vehicle enhanced physics as well. Mr Broussard comments, "With its advanced feature set, we feel confident that Meqon's next generation physics engine can help us create the next generation of action games."

About Meqon

Meqon was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Norrköping, Sweden. The company develops physics middleware for the computer game industry and has in its short existence enhanced both games and industrial products with its simulation products. More information available at

About 3D Realms

3D Realms Entertainment, a division of Apogee Software, Ltd., founded in 1987 and headquartered in Garland, TX, is a leading PC developer and shareware pioneer, with 35 published titles. Known for the award winning, alien ass kicking, Duke Nukem franchise, 3D Realms also partnered with Remedy Entertainment to help create Max Payne in 2001 which went on to sell over 4 million copies and became another leading action game franchise. Additional information can be obtained through the 3D Realms web site located at


Marcus Lysén, CMO

Cell +46 70 175 03 03

Phone +46 11 26 41 40

Fax +46 11 26 41 97

Meqon Research AB

601 86 Norrköping


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