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28% of iPads used primarily for games

But only 23% consider iPad to be the best platform for actually playing them

A new study by Resolve Market Research has found that while video game use on the iPad is prevalent, its impact on attitudes towards dedicated portable games consoles remains relatively limited.

The U.S. study compared technology owners, or people that intend to own devices, in four different categories: the iPad, smartphones (including iPhones, Androids and BlackBerrys), e-readers and portable video game consoles.

According to details of the report detailed on website Mashable 28 per cent of users said that their main use for the iPad would be playing games.

However, just 23 per cent felt that the iPad was the "most enjoyable" device for playing games - compared to 60 per cent for a dedicated portable device and 8 per cent for a smartphone.

Although this appears to be good news for video games consoles, 38 per cent of those surveyed indicated they did not plan to buy a dedicated games machine after buying an iPad.

Asked which device they would no longer consider buying after owning an iPad, 49 per cent answered with an e-reader and 38 per cent a portable games console.

However, this statistic does not make it plain what the likelihood of buying such devices was before acquiring an iPad. It also means that almost two-thirds of iPad owners are still open to purchasing a portable console.

Other data from the report indicates that for 37 per cent of iPad owners the device was their first Apple product. Also of interest is that the most common perception of the iPad was as "a very expensive toy", with 55 per cent of respondents sympathising with that description.

A total of 33 per cent thought it a "technological breakthrough", 28 per cent "a useful tool for productivity", and 25 per cent that "it will replace the need for netbooks".

The top reasons for intending to buy an iPad were "entertainment" (56 per cent), "cool factor" (42 per cent), "convenience" (40 per cent), and "brand" (28 per cent).

The top reasons for not buying an iPad were "I don't see the need for it" (54 per cent), "It's too expensive" (46 per cent), "subscription fee for 3G" (17 per cent), and "I have another device that covers the same functionality" (16 per cent).

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