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VR We There Yet?

Weekly Roundup: PSVR launches, Square Enix backs premium on mobile and Microsoft makes hay

Former Valve employee alleges she was fired for being transgender

Plaintiff says Valve referred to her as "it" - she's seeking $3.1 million in damages

New approach by Valve pays dividends in Steam Winter Sale

"More customers bought more games across more of the Steam catalog"

Vive preorders open Feb 29, HTC confirms

Price reveal will leave Sony the last major contender to confirm details

Falcon Northwest skips Steam OS because of "limitations"

Software can't currently match Windows 10 in high end machines, says firm

A Red Flag for Greenlight

Valve was laudably quick to deal with homophobia, but Greenlight is still failing devs and consumers alike

Roundtable: Far from the modding crowd

A swift volte-face from Valve and Bethesda leaves a can of worms open. Where next?

Steam data reveals impact of Discovery update

More games reaching more customers, more often

Steam Machine specs and prices detailed

Cost ranges from $479 to $5,000 for small form factor PCs

Valve reveals Source 2, free to all developers

Also shows off Steam Link, VR, Steam Machines and controller

Valve and HTC reveal Vive VR headset

Smartphone manufacturer breaks cover at Mobile World Congress

Update: Valve returns Hatred to Greenlight after removal

Controversial game returns to Steam, despite Valve's initial objections over its content

Steam Auction launch backfires, is withdrawn

Valve forced to take system offline after users find exploit

Has Source Engine 2 been soft-launched in the latest DOTA 2 update?

Modders and reverse engineers believe so, developers less sure

Steam sale draws in new record peak concurrent users

DOTA 2 still most played as service hits 8m simultaneous gamers

Developers can now set their own Steam sales

Valve gives devs control over timing, duration and discounts in sales of their games

Valve paid $10.2m to TF2, DotA item creators in 2013

Contributors earned average of $15k each, or $4,348 per item

Valve will not release VR tech to consumers - report

But Palmer Luckey believes Valve headset is the best around

Valve adding 12 new currencies to Steam this year

Canada, Mexico, South-East Asia and Australia among the territories to receive native support


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