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Nintendo Switch to sell 40m units by 2020 - DFC

Research firm sees hybrid as "compelling" hardware that could reach a larger addressable market

Switch's challenge is unique software, not PS4 competition

Asking why people would buy a Switch over a PS4 is the wrong question; we should ask why PS4 owners would also want to own a Switch

Nintendo sets a high price for Switch peripherals

Update: Packed-in Joy-Con grip will not charge controllers, and separately sold controllers will not include dummy grip

Lack of Switch pack-in game down to hitting $299 price-point

1-2-Switch is a more substantial package than Wii Sports, says Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime

"Nintendo needs to show consumers why they need a hybrid console"

Analysts weigh in with their thoughts and predictions for the upcoming Switch console

The Games Industry Reacts: Your stance on Switch

Got something to say? We're looking for your opinions on today's Nintendo Switch reveal and its launch plans

Nintendo to launch Switch for $299 on March 3

Nintendo is planning a simultaneous launch in several global territories, new Zelda confirmed as launch title

Watch the Nintendo Switch and Treehouse streams right here

Follow along with us as we learn about price, date, and launch lineup

Super Mario Run generates $30m in two weeks - Newzoo

Game boasts a 3% conversion rate from free to paying customers

Super Mario Run hits 50m downloads

Latest update in the app awards players with free Rally Tickets for hitting milestone

Super Mario Run's inevitable backlash

Consumers bemoan the $10 price point, other consumers rage against them in turn; Nintendo's attempt to upend the dominance of F2P is as contentious as we expected

More time needed to judge Super Mario Run experiment

What can we conclude from the game's first week?

Super Mario Run: Critical Consensus

Critics mostly like Nintendo's first Mario game on mobile - App Store reviews and analysts are another matter

Super Mario Run made $14 million in 3 days - App Annie

But Nintendo's stock price fell more than 15% in the midst of disappointing user reviews

Super Mario Run downloads hit 37m - App Annie

On average, gamers played the title 2.5 times each day

Virtual reality, touchscreen hinted at in Nintendo Switch patents

Diagrams indicate Gear VR-style accessories for forthcoming Nintendo console, as well as smartphone-style multi-touch screen

Analysts set expectations for Super Mario Run

Industry watchers say Nintendo has a hit on its hands despite concerns about the business model and always-online requirement

Nintendo getting its mojo back

Weekly Roundup: The house of Mario has been steadily gaining momentum, but will it last?

Nintendo offering $20,000 for those that find 3DS security flaws

Although how much you'll receive is at Nintendo's discretion

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