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3 "You have to trust your game, and trust the people to find it"

10 months ago Kuju Entertainment takes its first step into the world of publishing


11 Next Gen Art Event: Putting games in galleries

A year ago A new spin on the question of 'are games art?'


"It would be stupid not to try to support it more in the UK"

A year ago Giffgaff's Gregg Baker explains why a mobile network is involved in eSports

12 Oculus Rift consumer beta by summer 2015 - Report

A year ago Commercial VR headset could be rolled out through Google Glass-like public beta program

12 Xbox games may soon be streamed to PC

A year ago Tech blog claims Microsoft is working on technology to make Xbox 360 and Xbox One games playable in a browser

5 Fergal Gara on PlayStation Vita: "It's proving remarkably resilient"

A year ago Sony UK chief sees a new, more specialised future for the device

Naughty Dog celebrates 30th anniversary with art shows and documentary

A year ago Studio behind The Last of Us and Uncharted invites fans to reminisce on Twitter

11 Video game degrees in the US increase by 50% in five years

A year ago Latest figures reveal that there are now 390 colleges and universities in North America offering courses in video game design

3 SimBin declares bankruptcy and reforms as Sector 3 Studios

A year ago Swedish studio behind RaceRoom Racing Experience undergoing significant restructuring

SETI Institute to host game jam

A year ago Entries must be themed around the search for intelligent alien life and feature real scientific data

Controlling stake in $30m Star Girl franchise sold

A year ago Hong Kong asset management company Crosby Capital has bought a majority share in the fashioned-themed mobile game series


"It is complex, and that's really why we're here"

A year ago Worldpay's Colin Murray on the challenges of payment-processing for the industry


19 Putting shareholders before customers will kill your company

A year ago Lorne Lanning on the evils of big business

8 Free-to-play dominates Steam

A year ago Valve's free-to-play titles are the most played games on the service by a wide margin

Wargaming: Free-to-play on Oculus Rift needs 10m users

A year ago CEO Victor Kislyi says that once Oculus hits the right numbers, he'll be there

GTA V wins big at the European Game Awards

A year ago Rockstar North honoured alongside Ubisoft and Goodgame Studios

GTA Online attracts 70 per cent of connected GTA V players

A year ago Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick says post-launch performance is a series first