TIGA announces Games Tax Relief tour

Starts in Oxford in May

TIGA will a series of events around the country to help develops better understand the implications and opportunities presented by the new Games Tax Relief.

"TIGA is focused on helping game developers and digital publishers succeed. So we are organising the TIGA GTR Tour to help developers understand how tax relief can unleash the creative and financial potential of their studios, and drive innovation & experimentation in their business," said TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson.

"We want as many game developers and digital publishers to benefit from GTR and so we are bringing together a range of expert speakers to a range of different locations across the UK."

The tour starts in Oxford on May. All the events will be free for developers to attend and will feature input from UK industry creatives.

A full list of dates and more details can be found at the official site.

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Simon Smith VR/AR Business Development, Studio Liddell Ltd3 years ago
I'm not impressed by their initial list of venues (how many devs are in Bath?!?) and have emailed to encourage them to come to the North of England ASAP.

Their initial list is Oxford, Dundee, Nottingham, Bath, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Leamington Spa, Edinburgh.
That's a big gap between Nottingham and Edinburgh!
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Drew Field Communications Director, TIGA3 years ago
Thanks for flagging Simon - just to let people know, here's the full list of tour locations as a couple of the individual pages for the July events in Liverpool and Newcastle aren't live on the site just yet.

Date: Monday 12th May 2014

Date: Wednesday 14th May 2014

Date: 13th June 2014

Date: Wednesday 18th June 2014

Date: Friday 20th June 2014

Date: Thursday 26th June 2014

Date: Friday 27th June 2014

Date: Monday 30th June 2014

Date: Tuesday 1st July 2014

Date: Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Date: 21st July 2014

Date: 22nd July 2014
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