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Hirai backs physical media until networks improve

By Dan Pearson

Thu 12 Jan 2012 8:23am GMT / 3:23am EST / 12:23am PST

Says infrastructure not yet reliable enough for download only

Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment is a Japanese videogame company specialising in a variety of areas in the...

Sony's Kaz Hirai has reiterated his belief that the PlayStation 3 is still only half way through its proposed ten year life cycle, in the process dismissing the idea that the world's network infrastructure is ready for a download only console.

Speaking to press at CES, Hirai said that he believed that the immediate future for AAA home console gaming lay in physical media rather than streaming or downloading.

"It's very important that we continue to have a dedicated home-based console," Hirai told listeners.

"Relying solely on networks to deliver content is unfortunately just not possible. It's still very difficult to have consumers download 50 gigabytes of data or more."

Yesterday, Hirai also directly said that there would be no hardware reveal at E3 itself, repeating the mantra of the ten year cycle and claiming that "we are not making any announcements at E3."

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David Spender Lead Programmer

129 54 0.4
With the Playstation 4, it might be possible that game sizes would be 100-200GB or more. My cap is 200GB a month... so basically I can blow that all on one game and then my cable company cancels my service. Yeah, we have a long way to go.

Posted:3 years ago


Gregore Candalez Journalist and Account Manager, FD Com.

53 3 0.1
I agree. The market hasn't felt the need of a next generation home consoles.
Especially because the hardware isn't cheap enough to equipe powerful home consoles.
I say this generatio has still about 5 to 8 years to live.

Posted:3 years ago


Liam Stockley Studying Computer Science, Nottingham Trent University

24 0 0.0
This is EXACTLY what I have been saying with regards to digital content. Good for him.

Posted:3 years ago

I wonder if the timing of this is related to what Reeves said from Gaikai. If she mispoke then they could be looking to cover it up.

If they plan on strectching the PS3 out another 4 or more years then it would make sense to skip another hardware cycle.

Network infrastructure is much better in Asia as well so perhaps it wouldn't be surprising for Sony to take a lead on this.

Posted:3 years ago


Andrew Wilson 3D Artist

31 8 0.3
Here in New Zealand I have a 20GB cap with no obvious signs it's about to become cheaper to go big.
Going digital for me is about convenience and price. I'm pretty sure I could drive to my local shop and buy a game a lot quicker than downloading 30GB so the price and not have to worry about using all my data allowance up. Things would have to be very low priced to make me think that's better than the competition who are still offering games in boxes!

Posted:3 years ago


Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys!

2,380 1,355 0.6
If the industry moves to smaller or recycled packing, digital manuals (ugh, but it'll save money), a pricing structure that makes sense and a few other things (like direct sales of Premium/Limited editions so stores aren't clogged with those over-sized soon to be discounted boxes), I'd say physical media will survive a few years longer.

The folks who have "unlimited" data plans out there and super service need to realize that a LOT more folks than they think aren't in the same boat and a digital-only platform for a games console (not a mobile device) isn't entirely possible just yet. Of course, if OnLive and Gakai can figure our a way to get content over slower cable to dial-up connections with not so much lag (ha ha), someone will be really rich and a lot of gamers with crappy connections will be really happy...

Posted:3 years ago

Could try getting harry potter to help perhaps with magic broader bund connextions

Posted:3 years ago


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