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Zune Video and to hit 360 platform

Netflix movies to be streamed "instantly" via relaunched service later this year

A partnership between Xbox 360 and, as well as a relaunch of the video service - now to be named Zune Video - and streamed films from Netflix were among the announcements at this year's Microsoft E3 press conference, taking place in LA.

The deal will enable users to listen to music for free, while Xbox 360 owners in the US that utilise the Netflix service will be able to watch content instantly, without having to wait for downloads.

Additionally, the Zune Video store will become available in 18 countries, as opposed to the current eight, with the ability to watch content at a 1080p resolution.

Those service announcements sat alongside a presentation of the Microsoft deal with Sky in the UK, which was first revealed last week.

No precise dates were given for the new additions to Xbox Live, but they will become available "later this year".

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