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Zu Online

Info on the game's background music.

Without music, no virtual world can be perfect. Without music, the gaming experience won’t be perfect either. Zu Online (, the 3D MMORPG based on immortal beings and Kung Fu, understands this and has the perfect score to soothe players while also immersing them in distinctly Asian music.

Fantastic Artistic Atmosphere

Zu Online describes an unknown and distant virtual world, but its in-game building, images and items display a deep understanding of blending different styles together. The Zu Online developers combined oriental folk music and western symphony music to compose the background music. They use seven-stringed instruments, the Chinese lute, urheen, flute and other instruments often, including the gong emitted from the temples in ancient times to help compose the epic music. They also attempted to add orchestral music to the game as the base aiming to create the fantastic artistic atmosphere with extensive, magnificent, step and foggy remote mountains. In a word, Zu Online’s background music combines Chinese folk music and western classical music very well.

Melodious Music that Change as Surroundings Change

In Watercloud Palace, the mournful relics remain after the epic battle between the deities and devils, together with the melodious flute and zither sound interweave a net of longing and melancholy. The deep and slow rhythm like evening mist seems to inform the common people of unintelligible grief. Perhaps someone is recalling their ancestors. Perhaps someone is comforting the deceased. Nevertheless, when entering the snowy Northern Ice Field, we will hear clear and crisp melody specially played in the North. The splendid melodies bring the theme of Hieron on Snow Mountain. Coherent drumbeats gradually make the vigor grander come alive. After a short segment of graceful fluting, drumbeats mingle with voices, which grants the rhythm the feeling of crudeness, pithiness, boldness and wilderness. Additionally, alien tambourines accompanied by orchestral music indicate a unique style. The driving beat sounds like someone is whooping and cheering for someone. In an overview, the music sounds valiant, sturdy and urges people to go forward bravely.

If we say the background music of the Lord of the Rings is a majestic epic masterpiece, then we can say Zu Online’s background music is lifelike classic music that is composed exquisitely. We can even say Zu Online pushes audio effects of online games to a new height. Zu Online not only brings players wash painting graphics, but grants players enjoyable Asian flavored audio experience.

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