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Zu Online

Info on the female Summoners and Sun Warriors.

Zu Online ( version 1.8.01 has made itself a lot more attractive to veteran gamers and newbies alike with the release of the new female Summoners and Sun Warriors. These powerful women are blazing a trail through two classes that in the beginning seemed to have been created for men. After taking a look at their images, it’s no wonder that they don’t look like the type of women who would be held back by anything made of delicate materials, let alone a ceiling made of glass. Don’t underestimate the girl power in Zu Online!

Female Summoner

Compared with male Summoners, female Summoners are weird but sexy beauties wearing weird dresses which look like swimsuits when they put on the Costume - Female Summoner.

As male Summoners, female ones are also able to summon the ghosts from hell to fight for them and torture the enemies by poison and magic scroll. They are as powerful as males. Will you be enticed by these female Summoners?

Female Sun Warrior

In past, Zu players’s impression of male Sun Warrior is strong wills and iron bodies. Now Female Sun Warrior is a Bodhisattva wearing flowery and elegant ancient Buddhist Indian dresses when they don the Costume-Female Sun Warrior. However, they are strong wills and strong as well as males. If you engage in a fight against them, you’d better keep the distance for no one escapes from the fight unharmed.Will the gentle and kind female image of the Sun Warriors change people's previous impressions of the Sun Warriors?

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