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Zu Online

Frozen Sea and Wei-Yang Palace zones to arrive with version 1.8.01.

Two new zones-Frozen Sea and Wei-Yang Palace will be released in version 1.8.01 of Zu Online ( http://zu.igg.com/). The background info of these two new zones will be shown first as follow:

1. Frozen Sea—To Reseal the Dragon Lord

The Dragon Lord was born 12,000 years ago. Soon after his birth, he turned the northern lands into ice bound cold zones. The Dragon Lord was so fierce that no one dared attempt to stop his evil doings except Master Mind. So, Master Mind had to fight the Dragon Lord alone. After fighting the Dragon Lord intensely for several years, Master Mind finally defeated him and sealed him at the bottom of an ancient temple using the Flame Seal. Soon, Master Mind moved the temple to the Frozen Sea in the northeast of the northern lands. However, about 9,000 years after that, rumor had it that the Dragon Lord might break the seal and regain his freedom. As an excellent inner cultivator, it is time for you to take on the historical mission of resealing the Dragon Lord. So, you have to intrude into the chilling cold of the Frozen Sea to look for the materials to create the Flame Seal and reseal the Dragon Lord.

For more info about Frozen Sea please click http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=1399

2. Wei-Yang Palace—A Monumental Legend

Tens of thousands years ago, the Ghosty Mansion Lord--Lord Daluo realized the so-called balance of the Heaven was in danger on every side because of fairy Leeshew’s words. Lord Daluo united his old friends, including Sparrow Mansion Lord and North Star Lord to attack Zontan Palace aiming to create a new “balance” of Heaven. However, as they were attacking Zontan Palace, the Sparrow Mansion Lord changed sides suddenly with the forces of Purple Mansion. So Lord Daluo was defeated and then was deprived of his immortal title and descended to the world. The Zontan Palace War was earthshaking. Wei-Yang Palace was one of the major battlefields though it was merely a side palace of Zontan Palace.

Soon after the Zontan Palace War, Wei-Yang Palace turned peaceful again albeit with deep wounds. However, Sparrow Mansion Lord colluded with the Blood Demon unexpectedly and attempted to demonize and capture the most valuable treasure of Wei-Yang Palace—Secret Ruler in order to get the powerful supernatural powers. So, Wei-Yang fell into crisis yet again.

For more info about Wei-Yang Palace please click http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=1401


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