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Zu Online

Details of four (allegedly) "hot beauties".

This sweltering summer vacation has gone, but it is still very hot. Thus, beauties wearing a bikini are still easily found on beaches. Even the fairies in Zu Online ( can not bear the heat. So they have to wear cool summer clothing. With the release of version 1.5.03, these beautiful suits have been released to players. To get the suits, players should gather related materials and then create them through refining.

Moonmaiden's Level 7 Item Set

Armor---Tsunami Set

Tsunami Set is made of azury seaweeds and purple flowers grown in the depths of the Watercloud sea. The set generates azury nimbus to protect its user. When wearing this set, the player looks like a beautiful swimming fish.

Weapon---Fire-Ice Moonblade

The moonblade was made from the Old Fire Turtle’s fire heart and the Old Ice Turtle’s ice heart.

Moonmaiden's Level 8 Item Set

Armor---Sky-patching Set

Sky-patching Set was what the Goddess of Sky-patching wearing when she used magic stones to patch the sky in order to rescue human beings. The set is beset with azury squamas. The hierogram on the long hood and sharp blades on shoulder part will keep any devil away.

Weapon---Color Cloud Moonblade

The sharp blades of the Color Cloud Moonblade look like the teeth of a saw. The moonblade was made by refining the color cloud crystals gathered from Azure Sea Valley for 49 days.

Bead Fairy's Level 7 Item Set

Armor---Mystic Lady Set

The Mystic Lady Set is a mystic lady’s exclusive suit. The suit smells good anytime and anywhere.

Weapon---Frozen Soul Bead

The Frozen Soul Bead was made from the frozen fruits presented by Tsan who is reading in the North Temple


Bead Fairy's Level 8 Item Set

Armor---Jade Fairy Set

The Jade Fairy Set was what the Jade Pool Fairy was wearing while fighting against the enemies in the old days. The set is surrounded by red clouds with red silks at the sides.

Weapon--- Black Cloud Bead

The Black Cloud Bead is beset with black clouds. It can cure poisons and resist devils.

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