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Zu Online

Create your own guild column.

In Zu Online ( we have a very diverse community that gather from many different places on the planet to play. This is one of the things that make Zu so unique and such a joy to play, however this also means that many guild mates are unable to meet and communicate with one another due to time differences. But here at IGG we are trying to change that. We’re pleased to offer players an opportunity to create a guild column for their guild members to communicate.

To create a guild column, players must submit an application. To submit an application, players need to create a thread in the Guilds Base in the forum ( The application must be submitted by one of the guild members. We suggest the Guild Lord submit it.

The other guild members must reply to the thread and also apply to create a guild column. Half of the guild members are required to apply by replying to the thread.

We will check out the guild data, including the total number of guild members and then decide to reject or approve the application.

If the application is approved, the player that applied will become the moderator of their guild column. The moderator will have the right to accept and/or decline other guild member’s applications to join the column, but the moderator also has the obligation to manage the forum ethically. The moderator is also able to transfer their jurisdiction and obligations to others by contacting our forum administrator, Eva1210.

Note: If there are no new posts for 14 continuous days, the guild column will be closed.

For more information, please visit .

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