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Zu Online

"Cool" new "fashionable" items available.

With the release of the new version, more than 20 great modifications, heaps of cool new items as well as several new systems such as the Weekly Salary system have been added to the game. Among those new items, the fashionable “Panda-Q Head” is already taking the Zu Online ( http://zu.igg.com/) world by storm. When using a Panda-Q Head, the player will become a charmingly “Kong Fu Panda” to enjoy the path to immortality!

Panda-Q Head

How does a newbie become a “Kong Fu Panda”? Firstly, you just need to claim a weekly salary from the NPC Spirit Master in Holy City or NPC Jamon in Desert City and then purchase a Panda-Q Head from the newly opened Shell Mall using your salary. Lastly, you just need equip the Panda-Q Head to become a “kung fu panda” in Zu Online. In addition, players who like pandas can mount a Taiji Beast to travel around Zu Mountain.

Groom-Q Head & Bride-Q Head

Among the newly released fashions, Groom-Q Head and Bride-Q Head are very attractive. They are also one of spotlights in Shell Mall. The way to get these amazing stuff is the same to the way to get Panda-Q Head. Want to show off your newfound passion and love in Zu Online? Then, don't forget the cool Bride and Groom-Q Heads!

Zu Online will keep giving you more fun and pleasant surprises. Let us enjoy the path to immortality together!

For more information, please click http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=1512 .

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