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Zu Online: Challenge GM and Win Special Armor

This weekend, Zu Online ( presents an exciting online event as well as some detailed guides to all Zu alpha testers and enthusiasts.

Starting on Nov 3rd, our GMs will appear in the Hexad Region and wait for our players' challenge from 10:00 pm EST (GMT-5) to 00:00 am EST (GMT-5) everyday. GMs will offer you a set as a reward only if you can beat him. The GM's level is 80, so you can either choose to challenge him by yourself, or choose to team up to challenge him. Below is the introduction to some special quests which will help you to reach level 80.

Players won't be protected by the "Newbie Protection Pact" after they reach level 30, which means they can fight against other players. In addition, they can take part in Question and Answer event at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 7:30 pm everyday.

Players are qualified to take the Round quest when they reach level 40. You can find the Rickets Elder in Desert City or Holy City to accept the quest of this kind. The Round quests are composed of 10-round quests and 100-round quests. You can obtain certain experience and certain faction contribution points as rewards after you finish each round. (Faction reputation points can be consumed for upgrading spells.) If you can finish the whole 10-round quest or 100-round quest, you will obtain corresponding equipment and experience as rewards.

Once you reach lvl 50Cyou can make money from tranters in each region.

1) Draw daily capital for business

2) Buy golden strikers from the tranter

3) Using the info he gives you when you first open the conversation window with him and find the item your golden striker is useable on.

4) Once you have collected your items you need to go to find another region tranter to sell your goods.

5) The goods you harvest vary in quality which will determine how much you make.

After players reach level 60,they are eligible for accepting the quest for challenging calamity from their own clan trainerCwhere they will be teleported to Thunder Peak and will take many tough tests. If you can pass them you will be awarded the title of Junior Immortal which can improve your abilities.

Players can challenge the instance--Righteous Pagoda after they reach level 70. You can ask Whitebrow in Holy city to teleport you to Righteous Pagoda, when the number of applicants reaches 20 Whitebrow will teleport these heroes to the Righteous Pagoda.

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