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Zu Online

Boundary Hill boss info.

Most people may have ever dreamt of winning a hero title. But it is not easy at all. To be entitled hero, you should be both brave and intelligent enough. If you wish to be a real hero, then just challenge those intelligent and tough demonized talented monks in the new instance--Boundary Hill in Zu Online ( ). But you have to know that they are so strong that they may be able to kill anyone just by a hit.

Stony Devil

He was originally a martial monk of the Wan Temple. He had been seeking stronger supernatural power like crazy, which finally caused him to become a tall, unconscious and ruthless Stony Devil. He has become a killing machine absolutely. He was good at using Chaotic Hit ability to smite people instantly. He can even kill a strong man just by a hit. You had better not get close to him without a strong Sun Warrior accompanying you.

Broadsword Lord

Even though you may defeat the Stony Devil luckily, you cannot relax your will to fight because you will face a much stronger foe—the incredibly tall Broadsword Lord. Before him, fear, courage or any other power of will won’t work at all because no one had ever survived in his sight.

Broadaxe Lord

It means you are not far away from hell when seeing the Broadaxe Lord, the guardian of the Buddhist's Finger Ring. He is very tall but surprisingly agile that even hitting him is a very difficult mission. What’s more, he is good at stunning his foes and attacking multiple enemies at a time. He also possesses unbelievably good defense. So, even the bravest people would try not to appear in his sight.

Red Winged Lohan

The Red Winged Lohan is the leader of the evil monks in the Boundary Hill. He was given birth by the Buddhist's Finger Ring. Rumor had it no one had ever survived after receiving five hits from him. Even the strongest Sun Warrior would be wounded badly when receiving two hits from him. However, if he is not killed, the Flame Master’s conspiracy would come true. Who will complete the mission impossible?

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