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Zu Online

Background info on Little Sky.

When travelling to Little Sky in Zu Online ( http://zu.igg.com/), you may doubt whether you are in a dangerous place, because it looks so peaceful. Do not let this beauty fool you into letting your guard down. Little Sky was originally the place where the Boulder Immortal resided and cultivated his spirit, but then it became a forbidden area to imprison immortal beings. So, what will you encounter while you are exploring Little Sky?

Water Goblin (Level 142)

They are gentle winged creatures that live in Little Sky. They like to fly over the water and look a bit like a horse. Some of them are extremely clever. Some of them can even speak to immortal beings and serve as a mount.

Tablet Trapper (Level 157)

They were talismans of Purple Mansion and originally the tablets used in the Trapping Formation to help trap immortal beings. When some immortal beings infused vigor into them, they became talented creatures. Many immortal beings then created Tablet Trappers to fight for them.

Impudent Taoist (Level 163)

They were originally uncommonly strong men who made great achievements and then got the third eye. By using the third eye, they can see the world more clearly than others and even attack their enemies with fire.

Skullcap Taoist (Level 179)

They seldom speak. They exude power. But actually, they have traded their spirit to a mystical, talented person in Purple Mansion for the power they posses. This terrible deal they made has caused them to lose not only their souls, but their minds as well.

Cheen (Level 190)

Cheen is one of the three talented masters of Purple Mansion. The weapon in his hand is amazingly powerful. He always acts arbitrarily. Rumor had it he fought against the Immortal Tansoo, but in his haste to kill his enemy, he went to Little Sky and was trapped there.

Danger lurks everywhere amidst the tranquility of Little Sky. Be careful and reap great rewards!

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