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Zu Online

A guide to flying mounts.

In Zu Online (, you can fly freely gather legendary treasure, shapeshift into Buddha and much, much more. When you’ve hit a pretty high level, you will certainly want to enjoy more fun than the lower-level players, such as enjoying a flight through the lofty peaks of Zu on a mount. Now we would like to introduce the five powerful mounts that can take you soaring into the skies of Zu Online.

1. Fiery Phoenix

Fiery Phoenix is a holy beast. When beating their powerful wings to take off into the night sky they leave a blazing trail behind them. Fiery Phoenix looks amazing and also possesses awesome stats. The Fiery Phoenix is one of the swiftest and coolest looking mounts in Zu Online.

2. Cloud Runner

Cloud Runners live in Little Sky. The Boulder Immortal likes it a lot because it was born from a talisman and flies like a meteor. It looks like a horse but it is covered with green scales and has wings and horns. Rumor had it a divine pet called Cloud Runner, which was born on Starfalling Cliff, can forecast their master’s future.

3. Snowy Sophist

Snowy Sophists are saint beasts that reside in an undisturbed region in the North. They are very rare. It is said they became the mount of the Old Snow Demon. Their snow white fur represents their icy spirit.

4. Ink Kylin

The Ink Kylin is a beast that absorbs the vapor of clouds and fog from the top of Kunlun Mountain. Ink Kylin’s ride the clouds to fly.

5. Jade Roc

It is said it was the pet Whitebrow fed, it mastered the human's languages and possesses unusually deep spiritualism. Evil creatures dare not come close to it.

Do you envy those who can take a flight by mounting a pet? Do you wish to mount a pet to fly too? Just try to get one and see where it takes you!

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