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Zordix plans

Swedish developer secures investment for DSiWare development.

Zordix from Sweden is one of the first developers in the world to focus on DSiWare; downloadable games and applications for Nintendo’s portable DSi-consoles. Matti Larsson, MD at Zordix, firmly believes in its business opportunities.

– The Dsi market potential is huge. In 2010, Nintendo will sell between 20 and 30 million Dsi’s, and at the end of next year, approximately 50 million units would have been sold. Adding to this, the hyped Nintendo 3DS will have arrived.

– As developers for DSi Ware, we have managed to get in early, which means a head start we intend to keep by continually developing our business. Given the amount of users, each new game title is a potentially significant business deal.

To develop different aspects of the business, Zordix has secured a first, very important investment from venture capitalist Savings Bank of Norrland Foundation for Venture Capital, one of the shareholders of Swedbank AB, which is a market leader banking group in Sweden and the Baltic region. Lars Karlgren, MD of the foundation, explains the decision:

– The exciting market opportunities in digital downloadable channels, combined with Zordix’ unique positioning, team of staff and technical knowledge, have carried great weight in our investment decision. For Zordix, we see a bright future.

Zordix’ MD Matti Larsson is pleased with the new development opportunities:

– The market for downloadable games is increasing dramatically, and this investment comes at a very important time in Zordix’ growth. After major, initial investments in technical know-how, we can now focus on creating quality games, and a portfolio of brands.

For more information:

Matti Larsson

Managing Director

Zordix AB

Tel: +46 70 6549 541



Zordix AB is a fast growing company, specialising in games for hand held units, as well as advanced solutions within social marketing. Zordix’ head office is located in Umeå, Sweden. 


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