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Zombie Wonderland

Undead blaster launched on the App Store.

Friday, June 11, 2010Chillingo LTD. (United Kingdom) -- Zombie Wonderland is now available on the Apple App Store! Get ready! Grab your handy shotgun and your mop because the undead are coming! Residents of Niceville are terrified of the zombie infestation and there's only one person they know who does house calls. Chuck the most qualified (and only) zombie cleaner in Niceville. Direct Chuck to take out those shuffling zombies in five different locations of Niceville – Oh, and no one likes a messy houseguest, so clean up those zombie guts!

Zombie Wonderland is the frenetic new undead blaster, where staying on top of your chores is as important as keeping both barrels trained on the next unwanted, zombie visitor. Fun, fast and engaging it plays like a defense shootem up in 3D. Be sure to strategize and manage your time as you run from window to window blasting the undead whilst cleaning up the mess left by the ones that got through. The residents of Niceville are depending on you - so LOCK and LOAD!

Game Features:

Frantic Gameplay: Protect all possible entrances to the building and mop the floor (with the zombies and their guts respectively). You'll need to strategize whom to attack and when because not all zombies are created equally. Tap the entrance for Chuck to move to and tap on zombies to unleash the bullets. The long and short of it: Play five-night story mode or just see how long you can survive in Endless play. In story mode unlock 5 different locations and spend 5 nights each defending the residents of Niceville. Four Different Zombie Types and Levels: Swat back Greenies, Greenies on fire, Grannie and Meanie zombie types. Remember some zombies shuffle more quickly than others! Upgrade Your Firepower: Unlock bigger more menacing weapons to cope with the escalating onslaught of brain hungry groaners. Borrow Aunt Lilly's box of Super Slug bullets, mount a machine gun sentry on the window sill, and even upgrade your mop and bucket to a Gutvac super vacuum for those hard-to-shift blood stains. Full Cyrstal Support: Beat challenges, win achievements and track your score on the global Crystal online leaderboards. You can even challenge your friends and submit your scores to Facebook and Twitter.

See Chuck in action: http://tiny.cc/vtfgk

Buy it on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zombie-wonderland/id369361216?mt=8

For Details Contact and Developer Interviews Contact: Carmen Pearson | VP of PR & Communications | Chillingo| (415) 746-0803 | carmen@chillingo.com

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