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Zombie Mosh

Facebook-based board-game spin-off available to play for free.

Atlanta – December 7, 2010 – Menue Americas Corporation (Menue), a wholly owned subsidiary of Menue Inc., has launched its new free-to-play online video game, Zombie Mosh, into the popular social network, Facebook.

In the game, players can customize their own zombies and zombie dance clubs; invite friends to dance in their club; earn points by putting humans into zombie graves and growing them into zomblings (baby zombies). Players should continually add zombies because zombies tend to fall apart as they mosh and dance to the music with other zombies. Zombie Mosh is based on the board game that is published by Bucephalus Games and available at Barnes & Noble, as well as hobby stores across the U.S.

“Social gaming is undoubtedly the fastest-growing segment in video games and we are excited to be part of it,” said Rob Kischuk, CTO of the company. “Following the popularity of our first game, Roman Taxi, we are very excited about the release of Zombie Mosh. Zombies are very hot right now.”

It is more than a coincidence that Menue is based in Atlanta, which is also home to the new zombie hit TV series on AMC, “The Walking Dead.” It seems the only thing zombies like better than flesh is Georgia’s entertainment tax credits.

The state of Georgia offers up to 30 percent in tax credits for qualifying movies, TV series and digital entertainment. The plan has been a tremendous economic generator for the state.

“It was an easy decision to locate our Menue Americas division in Atlanta,” said Hiroyuki Taniguchi, CEO of Menue Inc. “In seven months, we have grown from three to about 25 employees, and we are continuing to expand.”

This is good news for Menue and its employees, the state of Georgia, and zombie fans worldwide.

About Menue Americas Corporation (Menue)

Menue is an Atlanta-based developer and publisher of online social games. A subsidiary of Tokyo-based Menue Inc., the company is expanding the popular Menue brand with video games like Zombie Mosh and Roman Taxi, which are available now on Facebook. LINK

About Menue Inc.

Menue Inc. is a leading aggregator, publisher and developer of mobile comics in Japan, offering an extensive library of digital content, including over 25,000 titles of comic content. The company has developed more than 400 mobile games, including casual games, social games and massively multiplayer online games (“MMO”). LINK

About the Georgia Entertainment Industry Incentive Act

Qualifying game developers or publishers are eligible to receive a transferrable 20 percent base tax credit on all qualified expenditures within Georgia, such as labor, materials and services, as well as an additional 10 percent tax credit if the client is willing to place a Georgia promotional logo within the video game product.




About GGDA

Georgia Game Developers Association, Inc. is a non-profit trade association of businesses and professionals of the video and electronic game manufacturing industry of Georgia. GGDA is committed to the growth and development of this industry and the success of its members as they compete internationally.



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