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Zombie Flick

Given a Halloween update.

Coventry, UK, 29 October 2010. Full Fat Games has released a Halloween update for Zombie Flick. The update offers players the opportunity to upgrade their arsenal of everyday objects with over fifty new items including boomerangs, frying pans and cowbells, as well as a fancy Trick or Treat costume for the hero!


Touch Reviews – 5/5

“Decapitation has never been such flicking fun”

“If you like Zombies, buy this game, if you like games, buy this game, it’s that simple!”

“It appears that the developers of Zombie Flick have taken the adage of quality not quantity to heart as while they only have two games in the App Store they are both winners that deserve to be on everybody’s iPhone.”

Appyzilla – 5/5

“The graphics are immensely good, especially the blood spilling.”

“Flick is a treat for all finger-flicking game fanatics. Buy it if you love playing zombie games.”


AppVader – 5/5

“Full Fat (who doesn’t love that name?) have managed to create an app the actually beats my utter boredom with all things Zombie…”

“This is a great app with stunning visuals that will keep the average punter happy, zombie fanatics ecstatic and leave unique app hunters fulfilled.”

“A fully fat game from Full Fat that’s going to be a bigger hit than a well aimed brick.”


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About Full Fat

Full Fat® has been making great games since 1996, developing over 70+ games across all formats. Utilizing its wealth of experience and passion for gaming, Full Fat continues to be the popular choice for publishers, building new IP for handheld, console and digital markets.

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