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Zombie Escape

The E3 factsheet.

Product Description

The Zombie Escae pandemic has spread out of control! Help survivors escape by getting them to the extraction helicopters by tracing the safest path possible. Zombie Escape addictively combines offensive attacks with line-drawing and a non-stop onslaught of zombies! Carefully bomb the living dead to bits and find creative ways to distract them from survivors under your control. This simple but challenging top-down game is sure to keep pulses racing as you unlock explosive new weapons and exciting new levels to avert the zombie apocalypse!

Game Features

Unique Gameplay: Brilliantly combines tactical line drawing with destructive weapons for an action-packed, zombie-themed game. Save survivors by drawing a path to escape helicopters and outwit the zombies by avoidance, distraction or destruction! Endless Entertainment: Choose from Survival Mode or Campaign Mode, with 28 days (levels) to survive. Three Different Locations: Zombie attacks occur in an Airport, Downtown and the Forest. Weapons Galore: Defend yourself with seven unique weapons, each with multiple upgrades and expansions: o Sniper – zero-in on specific zombies.

o Bomb – bombs away! Careful though, friendly fire is possible!

o SOS Helicopters – call for back-up at specific positions.

o Meat – lure zombies with their favorite treat!

o Sleeping Gas – puts all zombies to sleep for a while.

o Air Strike – drop multiple bombs and eliminate the enemy.

o Safe Zone – create temporary safe zones where survivors can wait to be rescued. Tesla Coils can even be added to zap zombies that come near!

Challenging Zombie Attackers: Four different types of mutant zombies all determined to eradicate humans! Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Players can earn achievements and compare scores with online leaderboards through Crystal! Product Specifications:

Publisher: Chillingo

Developer: Viqua Games

Ship Date: June 2010

Category: Action

Rating: Ages 9+

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