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Zombie Driver

Free "Blood Race" expansion now available.

SZCZECIN, POLAND, November 17th, 2010 - After 7 months in development the new expansion pack for Zombie Driver is available to players all around the world. The expansion provides a unique gameplay style based on classic, old school, top-down, racing games with a flavor of next-gen, dense action and HD graphics. Blood Race offers the chance to chase other cars and annihilate them without mercy on special racing tracks populated with the zombie horde. Winning events earns loads of cash and the ability to obtain new rides and purchase weapons of zombie mass destruction to become the ultimate leader board champion.

Thanks to the positive response from players the game received also many other upgrades and additions to improve the experience. Now it is even more attractive for those who still haven't got a chance to play Zombie Driver. With the latest update the game is at least three times bigger in terms of content and gameplay diversity than the first version released last year.

The list of major changes introduced in the Blood Race expansion pack:

- added Blood Race game mode

- added new Muscle Car for the Blood Race mode

- added new Slaughter Train Station map

- added a second car paint for every vehicle (unlockable in Blood Race mode)

- added new vehicle damage system with destructible 3d car parts

- added Polish localization

- added Steam Cloud Support

- added 17 new Steam achievements for the Blood Race mode

- added 30 new Steam leaderboards (1 for each Blood Race event)

- new positional sound system

- new improved smart camera with longer view distance and smoother movement

- enhanced car physics to allow full 3d motion e.g. turning over

To celebrate the newest update the game is offered with a 50% discount in a time limited promotion. The lowered price will last only for a few days so be sure not to loose such an opportunity!

About Zombie Driver™

Zombie Driver™ - is an action driving game with a top down perspective and a dynamic helicopter chase camera. Fight your way through the streets of a zombie infested city to save the survivors of a disastrous chemical accident that changed most of the city's population into mindless brain hungry monsters. Time is an enemy and your car is a weapon as you race through the streets smashing everything on your way including fences, phone booths, street lamps and hordes of zombies. If you get tired of rescuing people take part in a Blood Race chasing other cars and taking them down without mercy on special racing tracks populated with the zombie horde. Earn loads of cash while you progress through the events, unlock new rides and purchase weapons of zombie mass destruction to become the ultimate leaderboard champion. If the car chases and speed runs are not your thing jump into the arena based survival in the Slaugher mode where your objective is to endure as long as possible while ramping up enormous kill combos and annihilating endless waves of zombies.

About EXOR Studios™

EXOR Studios is an independent game development company founded in August 2007 and based in Szczecin, Poland. It is known for its work on the award winning and critically acclaimed Source Engine Mod - D.I.P.R.I.P.

Review copies are now available to the press upon request. For further information please contact Pawel Lekki at For more information about Zombie Driver visit

© 2009-2010 EXOR Studios, the EXOR Studios logo and Zombie Driver logo are trademarks in the United States, European Union and other countries. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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High resolution art and logos are available in the game's press room at:

Blood Race game mode screenshots pack:

1280x720 PNG

Streaming Youtube Blood Race launch trailer:

HD 720p video download

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