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Zombie Crisis 3D

"Massive" update brings new weapon and AI tweaks.

BEIJING - December 1, 2010

KongZhong, a leading mobile internet company in China, today announced a massive update for undead rail shooter Zombie Crisis 3D, featuring new weapons, AI adjustments for bosses and monsters, and a slew of technical changes that add to the already challenging gameplay.

Zombie Crisis 3D has introduced a new melee weapon, the Fighting Dagger, for players who want to put their guns down and get up close and personal with their undead counterparts. Other weapon parameters have also been altered to increase the gameplay challenge including ammo amount, reload times and weapon damage.

Level bosses and monsters alike have received a boost in AI, allowing them to attack more naturally. This adjustment combined with tweaks in the levels of difficulties themselves will give players a much harder time when eradicating the zombie hordes, especially in Nightmare mode where the difficulty of pulling off headshots has been increased.

To start the zombie killing fun, pick up Zombie Crisis 3D for $0.99 at http://itunes.apple.com/app/zombie-crisis-3d/id395134487?mt=8

About KongZhong

We are one of the leading providers of digital entertainment services for consumers in the PRC. We operate four main business units, namely WVAS, WIS, mobile games and online games. We are one of the leading providers of WVAS to mobile phone users. We began providing WVAS on the networks of China Mobile in 2002. Since 2004, we have provided WVAS on the networks of China Unicom, China Telecom, China Netcom and the other major telecommunications operators in the PRC. Since 2004, we have been offering news, entertainment, community and mobile advertising services through our wireless Internet sites, including Kong.net, ko.cn and ct.cn. In 2008, we began reporting our mobile games business as a stand-alone operating segment, while it was previously reported as part of our WVAS business. We began our online games business in 2010, through our acquisition of Dacheng Networks, a developer and operator of online games.

David Martinez, TriplePoint for KongZhong




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