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Zoe Mode: We'll continue to push camera technology

Developer disputes Sony's assumption that Xbox Vision Camera games will face technical challenges

Developer Zoe Mode has said that it will continue to push camera technology to improve gaming which uses peripherals such as the PlayStation Eye and Xbox's Vision Camera.

The comments come in response to Sony's Sandy Spangler, who yesterday said that she expected Zoe Mode's You're In the Movies to face difficulties due to "unreliable" technology.

"Certainly background segmentation is a non trivial task but feel we should embrace the challenge in order to move camera gaming forward," said Paul Mottram, executive producer at Zoe Mode.

"As with other camera games, there is an element of user set-up required to ensure the technology works robustly but this is a small price to pay for the advantages background segmentation provides. 

"We continue to research these  and other vision technologies and I would be surprised if we don’t see more uses of both colour tracking and background segmentation in future titles on all the platforms," he said.

Zoe Mode is currently developing You're In the Movies for Xbox 360, but Mottram pointed out that the team has previously worked with Sony London on a number of EyeToy games, including the latest title, EyeToy Play: Hero

The game is one of Sony's first EyeToy titles to use peripherals which are tracked by colour recognition – technology which Zoe Mode developed.

"We developed both the background segmentation for You're In the Movies and the colour tracking software for EyeToy Play: Hero, so have a good understanding of how both technologies work and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each," added Mottram.

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