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iPhone-based "interactive generative art visualizer" - and to find out what that is, read on...

Zio for Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch® is an interactive generative art visualizer enabling you to explore and interact with an endlessly generating world of organic, audio reactive visuals. To some users, Zio is considered a therapeutic aquarium, while to others it is considered a zen garden in your pocket. The app is for anyone seeking a stunningly beautiful and highly customizable interactive generative visualizer. Zio is, among other things, a sophisticated eco-graphic design tool, an endlessly generating music video for your audio library, and a performance instrument for organic visuals.

Using the same Zio animation technology the developer, Glenn Marshall, collaborated with Peter Gabriel to create “The Nest That Sailed The Sky” music video which won at Prix Ars Electronica 2009, one of the biggest computer arts festivals in the world ( Zio as an application has a large number of features: Use drag and pinch to pan, move and rotate through space, shake to shuffle between presets, enable audio reactive visuals, pause, play, and the ability to save snapshots to your photo library. The standard edition includes 3 unique worlds while the Zio Studio Edition, available through a micro-transaction purchase, includes a plethora of advanced features such as the option to customize or design from scratch your own interactive visualizations and digital artwork. The Studio Edition has 60+ editable parameters and no less than 5 interface screens giving you complete, advanced and total control over every feature imaginable.

Zio is available from the App Store here:

Journalists interested in receiving a promo code for Zio are encouraged to contact For more information, visit:

About Glenn Marshall:

Glenn Marshall was born in Belfast on the same day as Rembrandt. His distinct style of abstract computer animation blends modern art, eastern mysticism, mathematics, nature and science. A strong advocate in the digital artist’s necessity to be both artist and programmer, creating their own technology to create their own art, his recent works are entirely self-coded animations, and is currently reimagining his computer generated worlds into innovative apps for the Apple iPhone™, Apple iPod touch® and beyond.

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