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Zero D Beat Drop

Rhythm puzzler from Zen United.

London: 16th November 2009. Zen United is pleased to announce the world wide release of Zero D Beat Drop on Xbox Live Arcade. Zero D Beat Drop is a fusion of "rhythm" and "puzzle" which creates a completely new kind of gaming experience. It is a block dropping puzzle with furious action and explosive colours. As jewels fall from the sky the player must match the different coloured shapes to create visually dazzling chains before your opponent beats you to it. Fast, tense, manic!

That’s all good, but what makes Zero D Beat Drop different is that the player must use their rhythm to succeed. The player can increase power by hitting the red and blue pulse bar in time to the beat. Drop the blocks out of beat and they won’t clear anything… but hit the groove and you will cause chaos for your opponent.

In addition to this you can also play your own music through the Xbox hard-drive or your iPod and the ‘Beat-O-Matic Analyzer’ will analyse its beat biorhythm! Put on some reggae for a chilled out game or try putting on thumping techno for a furious match! Zero D Beat Drop is a great way to listen to your tunes while having great fun.

The game is created by Cyclone Zero, the Japanese developers who are utilising the current popularity of rhythm action games and published by Arc System Works. Zen United are Arc’s European office, and Joe Ryan from Zen reported “ We are really excited about the release of this lively casual title which has a huge following in Japan and are delighted we can share this craze within Europe. The combination of great visuals, the online multiplayer option and the fact you can play your own tunes makes this rhythm puzzler a great buy”.

This version has been fully localised into English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese and is available now on XBLA for 800MSP. Make your way over to XBLA now to test your rhythmic skills through the trail demo version.


Ø Single Player and Multiplayer with 3 modes, 4 levels of difficulty and over 100 stages!

Ø Task mode where you meet certain goals and Time Attack mode where you try for the best clear time for single player.

Ø Battle with another opponent in Survival mode with up to 4 players, and Co-op 2-player team matches.

Ø Analyse your music and play the game with your favourite songs!

Ø Diverse backgrounds and Pieces. Play the game with any look you want!

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About Zen United

Zen United is a consortium of Japanese and Asian game developers targeting European Markets. Zen United provide international business development and 'culturisation' (localisation + naturalisation) services to independent, high quality, long standing studios to establish foundations for European business and a pipeline to collect feedback from European markets.

About Pqube Ltd

Pqube Ltd is Zen United’s marketing and PR agency in the UK. Pqube provides a complete range of services for media production and publishing worldwide. With an established team of industry professionals Pqube publishes and distributes a range of its own and third party products across all game platforms and price points.

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