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Zelda wiki splits from Fandom in move to regain independence

Site editor says ideals are "incompatible" with former owner due to recent buyouts and "questionable staffing decisions"

A long-running online encyclopedia dedicated to The Legend of Zelda game series has separated itself from owner Fandom due to conflicting ideals.

Zeldapedia was made in 2005, and remained an indepedent entity up until 2017, when it was transferred to Gamepedia. Fandom acquired Gamepedia the following year.

In a statement, the Zelda Wiki editor-in-chief said that even after the transfer and acquisition, the site "sought to continue its mission of curating an editorially independent, high quality wiki operated by fans," but added that "we have come to believe that these ideals are incompatible with Fandom."

"Following Fandom's recent buyouts and questionable staffing decisions, we feel we have no choice but to do our part to keep the internet free from corporate consolidation," the post continued.

The statement also urged other wikis under Fandom to detach from the owner, and encouraged Fandom employees to unionise.

"We can keep the internet free from hegemonic control together, but it must start with us," the post concluded.

Fandom recently acquired a number of gaming brands, including GameSpot, Giant Bomb and Metacritic.

It also sold off roleplaying resource D&D Beyond earlier this year to Hasbro, which it acquired from Curse in December 2018 alongside Gamepedia.

GamesIndustry.biz reached out to Fandom, which said it would not be providing a comment at this time.

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