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Hang On To Your Slingshot; David Takes On The Evil Goliath and His Robot Minions


BELLEVUE, Wash. - October 28, 2004 - 180solutions, a provider of search marketing solutions, today announced the launch of David vs. Goliath, a downloadable adventure game of strategy, accuracy, and agility. David vs. Goliath was created exclusively for Zango Games by Full Armor Studios and is the first game released solely by Zango since its recent acquisition of Full Armor Studios.

David vs. Goliath the Game

Players battle through 30 levels as David fights enemy robots controlled by Goliath, who has conquered and ruined David's village. David must save his people by defeating Goliath and his army, using his trusted slingshot and advanced weapons. David vs. Goliath offers players five difficulty settings, including the Insane and Ninja levels, which can only be unlocked once other levels have been mastered. Players are scored by time, number of enemies defeated, damage taken and dealt, health acquired and accuracy during battle. In his quest to beat Goliath, David must advance through levels including the Ruined Village, Fortified Forest, Secret Caverns, Jagged Mountains, and Goliath's Fortress.

David vs. Goliath is available for free, in its full version with unlimited play, at Gamers will also find other free-for-download titles from Zango including Zango TV, Zango Muncher, Library of the Ages, and Secret Chamber.

Distributing David vs. Goliath

David vs. Goliath, along with four additional downloadable PC games are available to Zango Games distribution partners. With David vs. Goliath, Zango allows distributors to offer a feature complete game, traditionally sold for $19.95, for free to consumers.

"For distributors, Zango Games deliver per-user revenues often tripling those of traditional "try and buy" scenarios," said Charles Balas, director of business development for Zango Games.

For more information about distribution opportunities, contact Zango Games at

About Zango

The Zango service provides users with free access to premium games, humor and entertainment content, and downloadable applications, in exchange for connecting them with targeted product and service offerings while browsing online. For more information and to get Zango visit

About 180solutions, Inc.

180solutions, headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., is a leader in online search marketing services. The company sponsors premium content on the Internet and delivers highly relevant offers and information to consumers engaged exclusively in search-related shopping activities. For more information, visit


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