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Zallag e-store

To sell publisher's own games and comics plus other indie content.

Zallag is proud to announce the opening of its official website and of its online store. This e-store will offer content provided by Zallag, but not exclusively.

In addition to its own creations, Zallag will distribute other people’s games and comics. There won’t be any blockbusters but rather fun and original content created by other “indies”.

Independent games… and comics!

As a publisher of video games and comics, Zallag launches its store to sell its own creations – but does not stop there. Indeed, the website opens its doors to independent developers and publishers specialized in video game and comic books. The store is designed to offer a wide catalog of indie games which do not necessarily have the exposure that they deserve.


Alongside the games published directly by Zallag, this store is putting the emphasis on titles that are different from the AAA games out there. On the day of the launch, this service is already proposing over a dozen PC games: puzzle with Magnetis, the music-driver arcade shooter Beat Hazard, some strategy games with Tropico 3 and Imperium Romanum and even adventure is present with Ceville.

Zallag is also innovating with comic-books. Contrary to other comic book shops, once purchased, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to enjoy your comics. You can legally download digital versions of your favorite comic books. Before Christmas, a dozen comics will be downloadable. Just like the games, these productions will mainly come from independent artists.

Secured by a major digital e-commerce structure

Nexway provides Zallag with a digital distribution platform. As the leader in the video game industry, Nexway allows a 100%-secured crystal-clear experience for users.

Zallag is attentive to gamers

The website gives lots of information on games under development at Zallag and its partners. The community aspect is also essential. That is why, besides Facebook and Twitter, Zallag has created a blog to stay tuned with gamers. It is already possible to find more information about each game, exclusive artworks, and homemade strips there. People can also ask questions directly to the team. Many other surprises are planned for the upcoming weeks on the blog

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