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Zallag Comics

Read a comic on your PSP from today.

Quick reminder

Zallag is an independent publisher based in France. This company specializes in the production of games and comic books only sold digitally on consoles and PC. In October 2010, Zallag announced its first PlayStation®Store project with the Minis title SHIFT extended; a very special version of a game which met tremendous success both on the internet and on mobile phones (over 16 million players already).

Some room for indie comics « Made in France »

After last week’s announcement with the arrival of Zallag Comics on the PlayStation®Network (the first French publisher to offer comics on PSP™), we can finally reveal a release date. We are proud to announce the release this month of 4 comic books in 5 countries (Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) and soon in North America.

Racers’ Islands – The Casting

Written by Hubert Chardot (scriptwriter of the Alone in the Dark series), this comic book evolves in the universe of racing and reality shows. Dieta Von Nietzsche is the tyrannical and sexy CEO of GRINK. Her flagship TV broadcast has just lost its first rank in global audience: this is clearly an unbearable thing for her ego and for her shareholders. Thus Dieta decides to launch a brand new and excessive reality show called "RACERS' ISLANDS". She’ll go around the world looking for 6 “hotheads” to boost the viewing audience.

Gods vs Humans – The Odyssey

In this side-story from the game Gods vs Humans (where humans want to join the Gods by building a huge tower), the reader will follow the adventure of 5 humans too lazy to participate in the construction. A phoney idea leads the group of dissidents to believe there is a secret passage to the divine kingdom at the peak of the nearby mountain. They decide to leave the construction site of the tower to climb up there by their own means.

Super OOrs World – Volume 1 & 2

Super OOrs is a bear with superpowers with a personality mixing laziness, bad temper and a strange liking to violence (especially ripping off other creatures' body parts). In the style of Happy Tree Friends, his crazy adventures will please all fans of Pixel Art as well as those seeking fun and brutal situations.

You can download all these comics on the PlayStation®Network Digital Comics starting February 16 th  


Full name:             Zallag Comics

Activitie(s):           Publishing digital comics

Distribution:                   Only downloadable or on streaming

(Sony Consoles, PC and mobile phones)

Website:               www.zallag.com

Social networks:    www.facebook.com/zallag & http://twitter.com/Zallag

Press contact:       Olivier Vermeille overmeille@zallag.com 

Founded in 2009, Zallag is the 1st company completely dedicated to the production of games and comics only sold digitally. More environment-friendly, it’s also a great way to push forward independent original creations. Indeed, Zallag publishes original comics that cannot be found in paper versions.


Full name:             Racers’ Islands – The Casting

Cartoonist:            Pierre Chatillon

Scriptwriter:          Hubert Chardot

Genre:                  Action / Racing

Language:            English

Price:                    €3.99 / $2.99 / £3.19

Website:               http://www.zallag.com/bd/Racers-Islands.html


Full name:             Gods vs Humans – The Odyssey

Cartoonist:            Piccolo

Scriptwriter:          André Amouriq

Genre:                   Comedy

Language:            English

Price:                    €3.99 / $2.99 / £3.19

Website:               http://www.zallag.com/bd/Gods-vs-Humans.html


Full name:             Super OOrs World

Cartoonist:            Jonathan Silvestre

Scriptwriter:          Jonathan Silvestre

Genre:                  Pixel Art / Bit Generation / Comedy

Language:            Anglais

Price:                    Volume 1: €1.49 / $1.99 / £1.19 Volume 2: €0.99 / $0.99 / £0.79

Website:               http://www.zallag.com/bd/Super-OOrs-World.html



AUTHOR Olivier Vermeille

ANNOUNCEMENT Zallag releases 4 comic books on the PlayStation®Network Digital Comics

ASSETS DELIVERED Logo « Zallag Comics »

Comic Covers

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