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YS Online - Call of Solum

Info on the game's Card System, with which you can build up skills, spells and other stuff.

Ys Online exclusive feature Evolves every aspect of the game We wish to introduce one of the innovative features of Ys Online, the Card System. This exclusive feature allows for broad customization and consistency that encompasses all game aspects that includes battle and economy. You will be able to use cards to employ skills, summon and dismiss mounts, trade, enchant, collect, undertake quests, and use one of the games custom Art Builds.

The Card System

The Card System is an exclusive feature on Ys Online linking pretty much all the functionalities into one easy system. As your character progresses in the world of Ys Online, the Card system will become more and more important. Cards are indeed involved in such important facts of the game as crafting, combat, spells and quests.

You can obtain cards in Ys Online in 3 different ways:

- Buy them from a card vending NPC.

- Loot them from monsters.

- Trade them with other players.

Card types

The Card system can be divided into several sections like:

Art Build cards: these cards are your main base to perform powerful combos. An Art Build card is always divided into up to 3 trees. You have to choose carefully when you decided to activate one tree from your Art Build card because you will then be limited to that tree until the buffs are gone.

The 3 available trees to perform the combos are:

1. Offensive – Hit – Attack

2. Health – Defense – Speed

3. Speed – Vengeance – Haste

Many Art Build cards are available throughout the game so you can adjust your possible combos to the situation.

Spell cards: Cards such as “Resurrection card” will be very can helpful without using your mana in case you run into some serious troubles.

Enchantment cards: You will need them to enhance the performance of your equipment. In Ys Online you can enchant your weapons, your armour and also your accessories.

Crafting recipe cards: In Ys Online you can craft almost everything if you find the right recipe.

Summoning cards: Special, rare loot cards can be found that allow you to summon pets and mounts.

Skill cards: They are needed to learn some of your class skills.

Quest cards: Some monsters will drop quest cards that allow you to activate a new quest on the spot. Once this quest has been completed, the card itself will give you the XP and reward with the simple click of a button.

Ys - Call Of Solum

Call of Solum is an MMORPG based on the famous Ys series, created for the Japanese company Falcom. Since its first title for 8 bits, already turned into a classic, several manga series, OAVs and even novels have been stemmed. This time, Falcom and CJ Internet are joining to present Ys - Call of Solum, the new title of the series turned into an online videogame that follows the anime style, so characteristic in the entire saga.

Ys - Call of Solum arrives in Europe thanks to of Key To Play.

With Man of Wings’ ascent to the sky, chaos reigned in the continent of Eresia. The central region known as Europe was divided into two enemy realms: Romun, dominating the centre and south of the region and Etruria, in the north.

After one hundred years of constant battles all over the continent, several kingdoms fell, one after the other, against the fearful monsters emerging from the chaos. This way, 12 soldiers of different races, Eresians, Kimoans and Afrocans, joined Grey the hero, to defeat the monsters and establish a new empire under the name of Romun all over the continent.

Key To Play

Key To Play is a new online videogame portal of different genres, created in 2008 with the aim of bringing great international titles to the European market. With several offices in Europe and Asia, Key To Play is offering offers online players a large network of support and development possibilities. All this with one goal: to be able to give the best quality and playability.

Currently, the titles are launched in 4 languages simultaneously, English, French, German and Spanish, to offer more convenience to the players.

Key To Play has committed, up to now, to two titles, Priston Tale 2: The Second Enigma and Ys Online - Call of Solum.

For further information you should contact:

Almudena Tabernero

Key To Play

Ys Online: The Call of Solum

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