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Puzzly action platformer from Denmark to be shown at Leipzig.

frecle, an independent game developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, will be showcasing the first playable version of Youropa, an original platform/puzzle/action game, at GC Leipzig 2008. With a strong focus on fun, puzzles, action and gameplay, Youropa is set to charm audiences worldwide.

Youropa is a contemporary platform game with strong puzzle and adventure elements for gamers and creative souls of all ages. High above the cities of Youropa, above the clouds, strange structures are floating on beams of light. Two people inhabit these mysterious shapes: the Onesiders and the Youropeans.

As is often the case, the two people, Onesiders and Youropeans, bear a grudge against each other, and nowadays only a few Youropeans remain. Much like us humans, the Onesiders liv! e on the topside of the floating structures they inhabit. They aren’t the brightest bunch, but they are big, tough, and determined.

The Youropeans are a little different: They are rather small and through some strange evolutionary incident they have no feet, instead their short legs end in what can only be described as suction cups. While this may seem like something of a disadvantage, it allows them to walk up walls or even on the underside of the floating structures. And this ability is what keeps them alive these days; staying out of the way of the Onesiders, and minding their own business.

But things are about to change. As one of the last Youropeans, you have decided to take matters into your own hands, and reclaim the land that was once yours. You must utilize all of your abilities to defeat the Onesiders and navigate through the quirky world of Youropa to the journeys end.

frecle will be showcasing a playable version of Youropa at the Le! ipzig GC 2008, August 20-22, at booth F20 in Hall 2. To schedule an appointment to visit the Nordic Game booth and to arrange interviews with frecle, please contact Communication Manager Jacob Riis at (+45) 2360 9422 or

About frecle

Youropa is being developed by frecle, an independent Danish game development studio, with a combined experience of more than 20 years of professional game development. Founded in 2006 by Mikkel Fredborg and Lasse Cleveland, frecle strives to deliver innovative and outstanding products to the global interactive entertainment market. In November 2007 frecle was awarded DKK 300.000 in funding from the Nordic Game Program, to further develop Youropa from initial concept to a fully playable state.

frecle collaborates with game developers and media agencies across Europe, in Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the UK.

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