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You have one day to enter 100: Future Talent

Event and announcement set to take place at EGX Rezzed

You have until the end of today to submit yourself, or others, to the 100: Future Talent list.

The GamesIndustry 100 project debuted last year, where we revealed the 100 most influential people working in the UK games industry.

This year, we're looking for the rising stars of the UK industry - the talent who will go on to define where this vibrant, exciting business goes next. We've already had over 250 submissions.

The 100 will be announced as part of a special online feature, plus a drinks reception that will take place at EGX Rezzed on Friday, April 13th. The 100 is sponsored by recruitment specialist Amiqus.

To be considered for the 100 Future Talent list, you must work in the UK games industry and adhere to one of the following criteria.

- Be under the age of 30


- Been working in games (in a non-senior management position) for five years or less, irrespective of age


- We will also consider other circumstances where someone might be considered a 'Future Talent' (such as late bloomers)

If you have a name, or names, of people you'd like to see considered for the 100, please email with your suggestion. Please include their full name, their current employer (if applicable) and a sentence or two on why they should be considered. The deadline for nominations is the end of the day on Wednesday, February 28th.

We are not just looking for game developers, but those working in publishing, media, retail, services and anything related to this industry.

The final 100 will be judged by members of last year's GamesIndustry 100.

"We're so excited and honoured to have the opportunity to support this inspirational initiative," says Liz Prince, business manager at Amiqus.

"Our place in the industry is about growth, helping to build teams and realise ambitions. The cycle of fostering talent and publicly acknowledging success creates the inspiration and momentum to enable the games industry to keep growing beyond our wildest dreams. The top 100 Future Talent event will recognise some very special people and we can't wait to help them celebrate their achievements and talent."

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