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Xtrem Snowboarding

Snowboarding title hits the iPhon.

Wake up the snowboarder inside you!

Available since today on the Appstore, «Xtrem Snowboarding> is a snowboard game perfectly adapted for touchscreens. The aim of the game is simple. You have to perform a maximum of aerial tricks to reach the best score during the downhill. For this, the player must touch a series of dots in order, to represent the tricks that he has to realize when the snowboarder is flying in the air.

The gameplay of Xtrem Snowboarding is based on the dexterity of the player to touch the dots as fast as possible to perform a maximum of aerial tricks. However, it should also appeal to his ability to anticipate and see if he has enough time to complete a new figure before reaching the ground. The player always has this simple dilemma: "Do I have the time to finish a new figure before reaching the ground? "increasing his sense of challenge and the replay-value of the game to improve his best score.

This original and intuitive gameplay provides a “fun & friendly” touch to the game allowing it to be accessible to a large audience. The game will offer a lot of challenge with increasing difficulty over the downhill as well as new figures more fun to discover!

This game has already proven itself!

Essentially, Xtrem Snowboarding was developed for web browsers and playable exclusively with the mouse ( http://apps.facebook.com/fr_xtremsnowboard/).

Since its release, the game has received a warm welcome from the public and professionals. He has been a finalist in the FITC Awards 2003 in the Games category ( http://www.fitc.ca/awards/2003/) and in the top 10 best applications for Android and Adobe FGL Awards 2010 ( http://www.flashgamelicense.com/sponsor_pages/adobe/).

Currently on the Android Market, Xtrem Snowboading is finally available on the Appstore since Wednesday, 2nd March 2011.


Accustomed to the snowmobile? Take it up a notch with Xtrem Snowboarding! Execute tricks and get a highscore!

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Xtrem Snowboarding is an addictive game that will give you a lot of challenge. The goal is simple: make the best possible score. But for that you need to call upon your dexterity and sense of anticipation to be the best. Beware of falling!

–                     Speed and accuracy are the key words to become the king of snowboard.

–                     Perform a maximum of aerial tricks to beat records.

–                     Compare your score with other players from Xtrem.

Xtrem Snowboarding on the Appstore: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xtrem-snowboarding/id410636835?mt=8#

Official Yamago website: htttp://www.yamago.net

Free application available on the Appstore for Iphone and Ipod touch.

About Yamago:

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The studio has already created more than 75 original games, among others for prestigious clients as Cartoon Network, Lego and Disney based on famous youth licences (Star Wars, Naruto, Ben10, Batman, High School Musical, etc...).

Yamago has also his own games as mini-game on Facebook to virtual world ( www.nooja.com).

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