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Xplosiv Delivers A Racing Game With Plenty Of Punch

London, September 2005, Xplosiv announced today the signing of Jacked, a high speed, street bike race game, with a difference! Forget everything you thought you knew about motorbike racing games because Jacked revs up your adrenaline to 100% and delivers a powerful racing game with a punch.

More than a high-octane bike racer, it's a battle for survival that will push your skills to the edge. Jump on your motorbike and prepare for the rush as you race against mad bikers through city streets, urban wastelands and mountain peaked highways in the ultimate game of motorcycle combat. Punch, kick or bludgeon your psycho bike opponents into submission using every weapon at your disposal including iron bars, shotguns and tazers, and 'jack' their bikes from under them.

If you want to survive to rule the streets as a lone rider, or as part of a racing street gang, then 'jacking' is essential. Play dirty and use ultimate force to steal the wheels from your mad opponents and add their super bikes to your collection of high speed racing bikes.

Using the unique skills and personalities of your riders you will have to fight and race your way from state to state across the USA from New York to Nevada. The more races you win, the more bikers you defeat, the more challenges you will unlock. But remember there can only be one winner - will you survive to cross the finish line?

James Spice, General Manager of Xplosiv stated 'Jacked is a great product to work with, its fun, vibrant and original, and provides everything we intend from a premium Xplosiv title. It continues our commitment to provide the market place with excellent quality multi-format titles at the 19.99 price point'.


  • Bike Jacking - Jump onto your rivals' bikes during the race to hijack them
  • Weapons - Use a variety of weapons including shotguns, tazers, clubs, grenades and flaming Molotov Cocktails
  • Race through 24 tracks, from the city streets to urban wastelands to mountain peaked highways
  • 8 Two-player tracks with two game modes: Race and Gang Battle
  • 18 high performance bikes that can be jacked and ridden to speeds of up to 300km/h.
  • 6 playable Characters
  • 7 game modes - Race - Race and fight to gain the best position.

- Jack It - Jack the bike before you run out of road.

- Time Attack - Break the lap-time.

- Gang Battle - Help your gang to score points against rivals

- Drop Out - Last biker is eliminated at the end of each lap.

- Survival - Try to survive while all the bikers attack you.

- Timed Assault - Jack, knock or shoot enemies off their bikes.

About Jacked

Game Publisher: Xplosiv.

Game Developer: Sproing

Game Genre: Action/Fighting/Race

Game Language: English/French/German/Italian/Spanish

No of Players: One or Two

Formats: PlayStation2/Xbox/PC CD Rom

Launch Date: Q4 2005

RRP: £19.99

Notes for editors

About Xplosiv

Empire launched Xplosiv as a value brand selling PC software in mid 2000 and PlayStation2 in 2004, proving a great success in the UK and overseas due to the group's license wins with, Sega, Ubisoft, Taito, Activision, Microsoft, Vivendi and CDV. Further information on Xplosiv products can be found at

About Empire Interactive

Empire Interactive is a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software that has been established for 17 years. The company floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange in July 2000. Headquartered in the UK, Empire Interactive also has offices in the US, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The company develops and publishes a varied range of titles across all platforms in the US, Europe and Asia. Further information about Empire Interactive and its products can be found at:

About Sproing

Sproing Interactive Media GmbH is a leading PC and console games development company based in Vienna, Austria. Sproing has released several top selling titles over the years, and is a registered developer for all major console platforms. Currently the company is developing several titles, both for the current generation of consoles and the PC platform. For more information on Sproing, please visit

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