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Xploder Mega Cheats - Strictly For Cheaters

All the game busting power of Xploder V5…


The Xploder V5 Mega Cheats is the latest PlayStation 2 cheat device from the makers of the UK's No.1 selling cheat brand, Xploder.

Xploder V5 Mega Cheats is an ideal entry version of the feature packed Xploder. Utilising Xploders powerful Expert Cheat Engine Xploder Mega Cheats features thousands of cheats for the top 100 latest and greatest games, including Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Burnout 3, and Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and is fully updateable with the latest cheats codes from, ensuring it never goes out of date.

If you keep getting killed by the bad guys or are finding certain items impossible to find then Xploder V5 Mega Cheats is the perfect solution to blow your games wide open! Infinite Lives, Unlimited Ammo, Unlock Secret Characters, Vehicles and Weapons means Xploder gives you the power to beat the game!

There are over 70,000 more FREE cheat codes for over 700 PS2 games and the count is growing daily. If you have a Broadband connection for your PS2, you can download what you want, when you need it - in seconds using Xploder's Broadband technology.

No Broadband? No problem! You can also visit to access the latest cheat codes and simply enter them with your controller; the cheats can then be saved to your memory card and are automatically updated onto your cheats list.

Xploder V5 Mega Cheats can also be updated with new features via broadband*; simply check the Xploder website for the features you want, purchase them using our secure payment system, then the required features be available for download to your PS2 console! You only download the features you need!

The Xploder V5 Mega Cheats is available now from all good stores at RRP £9.99 or from the Xploder website at .

*Note: A PS2 Memory Card is required (not included) for saving new cheats and for downloading product updates.

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