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Xploder Cheat System

Can't beat that boss? Cheat!

Today Xploder releases a major software upgrade to their best selling Xbox360 Cheats System. Only with Xploder’s software installed on your PC can you easily transfer gamesaves to your Xbox 360 console. The Xploder engine “resigns” the gamesave to your gamer profile. You cannot do that just by downloading a gamesave from the Internet.

This new version of the software, Xploder Cheats System Ultimate Edition, comes with added ease of use and new functionality :-

Xploder now works with your own USB memory stick or USB hard drive, so there’s no longer any need for fussy cables and memory units. Also for the first time you can use your official Xbox hard drives and memory units – simply connect up your preferred device! Multiple saves per game with “Plain English” description support so you can label each individual save stored on your PC so you know which save is for what - particularly handy for save-sets. Upload Facility - now you can drag your save back from your USB stick, hard drive or memory unit or and simply add a name and description and upload directly to the Xploder database to share instantly - you can put your nickname in at this point so everyone knows who to thank. For the enthusiast it also supports multiple file formats, Rehashes, Resigns and Fixes corrupted saves


Xploder is the only PC system that allows you to effortlessly find gamesaves and easily transfer them to your Xbox360 console so you can Unlock new levels, Get hidden bonus items, extra power-ups, money, weapons, etc, and Back-up and re-use your own gamesaves.

Xploder gives you complete access to our exclusive online database and website which is constantly updated with new cheat gamesaves, walkthroughs, hints, tips, glitches and guides for the biggest and latest games. With Xploder by your side you really can fully explore and enjoy the whole game. And with 100’s of titles to choose from Xploder is the perfect partner for you and your console.

There are now over 35,000 active gamers contributing to the 1000’s of cheat gamesaves already in the database. And the new upload facility will see an explosion of new content for the hungry gamer wanting a boost. You no longer need to be a code cracking, computer programmer, techie geek to play your games and get full value

NEXT GENERATION CHEATING: Play your games the way you want to!

Existing users only need to click on the Update Banner on the Xploder Cheats System Software and follow the instructions. - use your existing product key if you have one but you must use it with your existing registered email address and password.

For new followers of the world’s best selling 360 cheats solution you can buy from GAME, gamestation, Amazon,, Argos, Chips or your favourite retailer. Also available on as a direct download.

Cheat the game but not your mates. Xploder does not support the cheating of games to get achievements or trophies. Xploder is not officially endorsed by the console or game manufacturers. All console and game names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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