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Xploder Cheat Saves for Nintendo® DS® - blows games wide open

4th May 2006


Fire International launches Xploder Cheat Saves for NDS - a Windows based software utility that allows users to manage game saves and download new saves from Xploder.net

With this advanced desktop application you can connect your NDS to the PC, allowing you to manage save data, download new cheat saves and saves from DS games on your PC.

Pre-loaded with the very latest cheat saves for games such as Animal Crossing: Wild World® (including Maximum Money and every item unlocked), Nintendogs® (including all gold tools unlocked) and Mario Kart® DS - Xploder gives you access to special features and in-game options and is fully updateable for the latest games.

Back-up important game saves from DS game cartridges to your PC, and free up valuable 'save slots', you can even add save descriptions, or delete unwanted game saves, all at the click of a mouse button.

The innovative 'iTunes style' interface features multiple panels to display connection status, PC save and back-up information, as well as providing access to the online Xploder database for the latest save downloads. You can simply drag and drop cheats saves for your favourite games from the web, to the PC, to the console in a matter of seconds.

The high speed USB cable and cradle (supplied) ensure a smooth, fast and safe transfer to and from the game cartridge and the live RSS feed keeps users updated with the latest DS Cheat Saves and DS news.

Fire Product Manager James Gill comments "Xploder has become synonymous with quality game enhancement software. As new consoles and games become available, Fire continues to be at the forefront of delivering products to enhance the end-users game-play experience."

PR/Media Contact:
Phil Holmes
Marketing Manager
Fire International Ltd.

office: +44 (0) 1302 325225
cell: +44 (0) 7717 713876

About Fire International Ltd:

Fire develops, manufactures and supplies worldwide a comprehensive range of console and PC based media management and video game enhancement utilities under the Xploder and Blaze brand-names.

As an MPEG4/AAC licensee, Fire provide advanced media conversion of video and music for use on PSP, Xbox 360, PS2, DS, Mobile Handsets and iPod as a single access point. Cross-platform media management solutions are available for all media, whatever the system.

The Blaze brand has been recently been used to re-launch a range of innovative bespoke accessory lines for major videogame consoles, available in sector leading metal packaging.

Proprietary products include: Xploder PSP Movie Player, Xploder PSP Music Studio, Blaze PSP Pro Audio Sound System and Protector Case, Xploder Xbox 360 Media Centre, Xploder PS2 Media Centre, Blaze PS2 HDTV Adaptor, Blaze PS2 Mini Pro Shock Wireless Controller, Xploder DS CheatSaves and Xploder iPod Media Centre.

Fire also provides OEM solutions for own-label product ranges across a wide variety of accessories, hardware and software - Fire technology powers the GameShark brand for Mad Catz in the US, Xterminator for Gametech in Japan and the Limited Edition Xploder Lite software that is bundled with the Lexar Gaming Edition PSP Memory Stick Duo memory card.

® Xploder and Blaze are Registered Trademarks of Fire International Ltd.

® Nintendo and DS are registered trademarks owned by Nintendo Co. Ltd. Fire International acknowledges all other game and product names that are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective publishers, manufacturers or licensees.

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