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Xorbing action in Ghostlight's latest Sony PSP title 'Spinout'

Feel the adrenaline pumping as players hurtle through the galaxy in Ghostlight's exhilarating new platform racer, 'Spinout'. Play as an elite galaxy Xorber, competing in the equivalent of a futuristic F1 race car, otherwise known as a Xorb. Spin through 50 challenging courses across 9 stunning environments, avoiding deadly obstacles and negotiating hazardous tracks through ancient ruins, space stations and the fiery pits of hell!

Race against the clock in the action packed arcade mode, 1 of 5 game modes, exploiting the games advanced spheroid physics to control the Xorb at death defying speeds. Collect power ups along the course to upgrade the Xorb's braking and air control system and limit 'real time' damage inflicted to the spheres metallic skin.

Win medals in career mode to progress through the 4 race classes, starting as a novice in the 'Explorer' class and stepping up to the gravity defying 'Angel Class'. The Xorb's are fully customisable, with over 2 million bodywork profile combinations and performance upgrades. Earn cash to unlock hidden tracks and bonus features, by winning races, finding hidden cash tokens, and gaining more air time than Tony Hawk on a half pipe.

Share track times and compete head to head with friends in the superb wi-fi multiplayer mode. Up to 4 players can battle it out in XorbRace mode, armed to the teeth with missiles and rockets, competing against each other for the prestigious title of fastest and deadliest Xorber in the galaxy.

Developed by Icon and UK publisher Ghoslight, Spinout will be released on the 30th March and will retail at a competitive £24.99.

Sam Collins, Sales Manager at Ghostlight comments "Spinout is a unique title custom designed for handheld gaming with puzzle/platform elements keeping players gasping for more". Sam continues "Spinout has received rave reviews from specialist game press, liking it to the spills and thrills of 'Marble Madness' and 'Super Monkey Ball'.. Spinout boasts fantastic game play and is clearly a must have title for 2007."

GoPlay magazine "With sprawling cities at your peril and clear-as-day visuals, the thrill factor is intense." - Preview

Play Magazine "Beautiful simplicity and supreme ease with which it inspires the highest and most addictive level of 'one-more-go' you're ever likely to feel in a videogame" - 81%"


For further information please contact: Adrian Clews e: adrian.clews@ghostlight.uk.com

t:01279 858004

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Established in 2004 Ghostlight has already earned a reputation as a leading European publisher of full price video games.

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