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1st June 2007 (London, United Kingdom) - XLEAGUE.TV, the UK's first dedicated eSports entertainment television channel, has announced the its initial Leagues are now open to registration via its website WWW.XLEAGUE.TV as of 12am on 2nd June 2007.

XLEAGUE.TV available on Sky Channel 291 offers the very best in competitive gaming online and on TV, XLEAGUE.TV will enable gamers to compete across the latest videogame platforms, in a wide variety of genres - including racing, third-person shooters and real-time strategy. XLEAGUE.TV aims to convey gaming as a sport, and therefore create the UK's first eSports Superstars.

The following leagues are now open for registration. Information on when these leagues start will be available via WWW.XLEAGUE.TV.

Game Platform League Type Date

FIFA 07 Xbox 360 Solo June 1

Gears of War Xbox 360 Team June 1

Resistance: Fall of Man PS3 Team June 1

Command & Conquer 3 PC Solo June 1

More upcoming Leagues will be available for registration at the below dates, so keep checking XLEAGUE.TV on Sky Channel 291 and WWW.XLEAGUE.TV for more information.

Game Platform League Type Date

Halo 2 Xbox 360 Solo June 8

Halo 2 Xbox 360 Team June 8

Project Gotham Racing 3 Xbox 360 Solo June 8

Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox 360 Team June 15

Motorstorm PS3 Solo June 15

Quake 4 PC Solo June 15

Dead or Alive 4 Xbox 360 Solo June 22

Forza 2 Xbox 360 Team June 22

Tournament schedules will be announced soon on the website. XLEAGUE.TV is a Subscription based Online service, whereby players will need to register and decide upon the package that best suits them to compete in the online play.

Players once registered will get the chance to thereby become "Stars" via the XLEAGUE.TV Sky Channel where XLEAGUE.TV will record competetive matches, league and tournament play with game commentary, league analysis, news, reviews, updates and magazine format shows, all taken from the online play.

XLEAGUE.TV is available on Sky Channel 291 currently showing the best of our Invitational Tournaments on The Match, plus Charts and Inside Gaming. Check out the website for schedules, video footage and forums, plus League information and get your competitive blood pumping at WWW.XLEAGUE.TV.

For more information on XLEAGUE.TV please contact Lee Catania - Marketing Manager - 0207 308 5271 or

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