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XLBet at KODE5

Bets being taken on Moscow finals.

This weekend gives you a chance to bring your betting skills into play when XLBet goes bonanza and offers competitions, prizes and special offers throughout the KODE5 Global Finals. The KODE5 finals takes place in Moscow during the forthcoming weekend and is one of the biggest gaming events in the 2007-2008 season.

When more than 100 gamers from around the world meet up for the Global Finals of KODE5 in Moscow, Russia, the scene is set for a clash of the Titans. And thanks to XLBet, the KODE5 finals will be the first chance to bet and win real money on a major eSport event.

During KODE5, XLBet is offering a huge betting program and is additionally giving you a chance to juice up your winnings with competitions, prizes and special offers.

So there are plenty of reasons to stay online throughout the weekend.

See the entire Betting program here:,120,122,146

See all the specials offers and prizes here:

How will the Global Finals play out when MYM takes on Fnatic and SK Gaming takes on Mousesports for the shootout for the CS 1,6 KODE5 throne? And who will be the Moscow Master of WCIII: Grubby, Tod, Infi are the favourites, but will we see a surprise win from one of the outsiders like Hasuobs.

Below some odds, but see the massive program at XLBet.

Winner odds:

CS 1,6



MYM 5.00




MIBR 10.00

ROCCAT 10.00



Warcraft 3

INFI 2.74


TOD 3.81


SHY 15.00




XLBet is the only online betting portal offering fixed odds on eSport to the approximately 400 mill. online gamers worldwide. With XLBet it becomes possible to bet on Counter Strike, WarCraft 3, StarCraft, Dota and FIFA matches, as it has been possible to bet on soccer or go to the horse track for a long time.

With it’s focus on E-Sports, XLBet is taking a huge step in opening the world of E-Sports betting to the masses of gamers, that has never before had the opportunity to bet on their favourite past-time – and even win money on the sport they love.

For further information, please contact:

Co-Founder of XLBet, Jacob Nielsen:

Tel.: +356 9984 8531

Worldwide: +45 3111 5601

Email: is owned and operated by E-Zone Company XLBet N.V.operating from the Netherlands Antilles on the island of Curacao. The company was founded by betting veterans with huge experience in the betting market and a group of Scandinavian investors in 2007. is fully licensed by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles (part of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands) and XLBet will at all times comply with all applicable laws in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. XLBets ambition is to provide a secure, safe and interesting product for the ever growing eSports market. The betting platform is delivered and maintained by Digital Gaming Solution, a gaming software company with major experience through existing partnerships with some of the world’s leading betting companies. User data, payments and transactions are encrypted via SSL encryption - Secure Socket Layer. XLBet’s data back-end is stored and secured in state-of-the-art data centers at the Curacao government hosting authority. Your payments are assured by very solid investors and secured by the financial demands of maintaining sufficient funds of the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles, while the processing is handled by the payment processing gateway CNG.

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