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Xing Interactive announce new RTS!

Dutch publisher of PC cd-rom software Xing Interactive announces a new RTS sensation by the name of Cloven Crania Meadow with the release date set at the 5th of June. The suggested retail price of this game is 9.99 Pound Sterling/14.95 Euro. Language versions available on launch are English and Spanish.

Cloven Crania Meadow is a fantasy RTS where you are put in control of a human Kingdom. Surrounding this Kingdom are many hostile Kingdoms populated by Monsters and other evil Creatures. It's your job to manage your cities, raise armies, feed your people and crush enemy attempts at invading your territory. Of course you have to build up your strength to take the fight to the other Kingdoms and rule the world eventually. At the center of all this is a unique battle system where you lead your regiments into battle for control of strategic positions on the battlefield. More terrain means higher morale for your troops and therefore higher effectivity in combat.

Developers Unicejo Entertainment have reserved a prominent space on their website for screenshots and a playable demo.

Xing Interactive are appointed as exclusive worldwide publisher for Cloven Crania Meadow but the company is still looking for distribution and licensing partners in several territories. Interested companies can contact Alex de Vries at

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